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As a community of faith in God, the members of St. Luke’s welcome ALL regardless of your age, your economic status, your ethnicity, your gender identity, your physical or mental abilities, your sexual orientation, or even if you confidently believe, or may be questioning.

We affirm that in Christ Jesus “There is no east or west; no north or south – only ONE great assembly of LOVE throughout the whole, wide earth!” We hope you leave both refreshed and renewed to face with encouragement the challenges of your week.   



October 22nd

The CROP Hunger Walk is an annual averaging 4 miles that takes place nationally each fall and represents the average distance citizens of developing nations have to walk to obtain clean water. We exist to raise awareness and funds for malnourished communities both domestically and abroad. The Charlotte Chapter is the largest CROP Hunger Walk in the country in both the number of funds raised and the number of walkers who participate.

2023 route will be a hybrid model with participants who wish to join together at Memorial Stadium as well as a virtual option for those who would prefer to walk in their own neighborhoods. For those who choose to walk in person at Memorial Stadium, registration will be from 1:30-2:30 and you can begin walking after you have registered. The walk will conclude at 4 pm.

St Luke's CROP walk 
More information from Charlotte CROP Walk

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Focus Report: What should our next Pastor focus on? 
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Weekly Prayer

We call on you our St. Luke's Family,
on joining us in praying this prayer weekly at
6:30 on Wednesday evenings, the traditional time of choir practice.

Dear Heavenly Father, Abba,

Thank you for desiring a relationship with us.
Thank you for allowing us into your presence.
Thank you for being interested in the concerns of our everyday lives and Thank you for listening to us as we lay those concerns at your feet.
We know that every prayer we pray is heard by you. 

Father, today we petition you for the healing of our dear friend Jan. Though the prognosis may seem dire, we know that there is no illness too great that you cannot heal if it be your will.
Father, we pray for the peace that only you can provide during this most difficult time. A peace that is beyond all human understanding when
the world, our world, Jan's world, is in chaos.

Father, we pray for your spirit of comfort for Jan, his husband Mario, and all those who love him. May your presence be palpable and a sense of calm prevail. No matter the outcome, we thank you, we love and we praise you. In Jesus' name we ask all these things. Amen 

Author-Mike Wilder

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